Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of them all?

“Too chubby.” “Embarrassing nose.” “Too short.” “Look sophisticated.” “Too masculine look.” “Too frizzy hair.” “Too skinny.” “So ugly.”

Ever since we were small, we were told to be a specific kind of beautiful, get complimented from others which were supposed to make us feel good inside (Ironic huh?). “When I grow up, I want to be pretty.” Are things little girls are taught to think and believe. Remember the nursery rhyme ‘Chubby cheeks, Rosy lips’? Who hasn’t heard this rhyme growing up? But is it the first seed of the word ‘Beauty’ put in minds of young children?

Media and society puts out certain limitations to ‘Beauty’ which we are supposed to follow. They show us an illusion of what we should be. Perfect girls/boys with slender figure, pretty face, shiny hair (and personality? Why would they care?). They strive for perfection, a term so fake even Barbie gets jealous. What they don’t show us is gap teeth, dark circles, freckles, stomach fat or basically anything that makes us human. 

It’s insane how they convince us into becoming clones of photoshopped celebrities. I mean we love variety in every aspect, whether it be cars, shoes or even nail paints but why not ourselves? Why be pretty when you can be so much more?
“She’s so fat.” That’s because a tiny body won’t be able to handle such a magnificent personality.

“You’re so dark.” Not darker than the soul that rests underneath you.

“You’re not pretty.” Yeah, I’m much more than that hypocrite society-defined hollow and worthless word.
Before writing on this topic, I searched the definition of the word ‘beauty’. It was ‘a combination of qualities such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic senses’. Like the smart girl I am, I didn’t know the meaning of aesthetic. So I searched it, and well as stupid as it sounds, the meaning of aesthetic was ‘concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.’ So as you can see, the definition doesn’t provide us with much. Except the fact that nowhere was a specific size or complexion or height related to beauty mentioned. Your version of beauty might be different than others. There’s divergence in everything so why not looks?

For me beauty is the existence of something magnificent whose flaws enhance it even more. It is the moments we feel alive and utter. Beauty is watching the sunset as waves touch my feet. Beauty is shouting in a hilly region and hearing my echo. Beauty is laughing so hard that tears begin to flow. Beauty is happiness. It is anything that makes me feel real.

Over the years, the definition of beauty has been altered and modified several times. From large eyes to slim physique, society has always set up a list of impossible standards for people to meet. And people have tried hard fitting in, unaware that they were meant to stand out. We see ourselves in the eyes of others and this way, we give them the liberty to define our beauty according to their ancient standards. And as much as I have ranted about society being narrow-minded and cruel, we are the people who are the so called ‘society’. It doesn’t consist of smartass animals or clever robots but just you and me. So, the change must start with us.
We’re removing what really makes us ‘us’ just to create a fake version of ourselves, the society loves. The number of our size or shade of our skin is slowly turning into our worth. But what people don’t understand is that sometimes there’s a difference between being beautiful and feeling beautiful… We have the power to redefine beauty.
So tear your diet plan and go eat ice cream because well, ice cream is life. 

Take those stupid lenses off and wear your funky glasses.

And as for your scars, flaunt them like stars stretched within the sky. Not something to hide as they make you even more beautiful.

I’m not saying don’t use makeup, there’s nothing wrong with it if it enhances your features and makes you feel good but don’t be ashamed of your complexion or the fact that you’re ‘fat’ or your hair because if anything they are what makes you ‘you’. And if anyone has a problem with that, just own it. You don’t need to give a damn because who you are isn’t pretty, it’s beautiful (and trust me, it’s not maybelline, it’s you).
You are much more than the shade of your skin or the number of your size or even the brand of your clothes. You are much more than ‘pretty’. They might hold their heads high, but you’re incredibly beautiful, inside and out.


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