The ‘Pretty’ Girl – A Poem

Layer after layer,

More than her skin can bear

Another brush of cosmetic,

To hide the last tear

Lashes rolled up and lipstick’s dark,

Scars concealed, 

no blemish, no mark

“Why can’t I be beautiful?” 

Are the words that haunt her day after day

As she walks down the hallway,

In her perfect high heels

The girls grimace with envy,

Because they think she looks ‘pretty’,

But beneath her branded shirt and jeans,

Are the scars that read “I’m ugly”

Within those stilettos she wore,

Are toes blotched and sore

All because no one’s ever called her beautiful

So, she blinks back tears,

Before applying a coat of mascara on her lashes

Her classmates and peers,

See her as just another pretty face

But they don’t know her,

How she looks when she wakes up,

How many lunch she’s skipped,

How many tears she’s cried

She’s just a familiar face with an unknown tale,

A broken soul well veiled

Her stomach grumbles with hunger,

But She shrugs it off

Another attempt in vain,

A lunch tosses up again

She believes beauty to be pain,

Are there any rainbows without rain?

So, she suffers, she bears,

And adds another layer

Another flaw, another scar,

Another night wasted crying,

Another lunch gone to trash

She fades away….


What is the first thing we think when we look at ourselves in the mirror? 

Most of us have something we don’t like about ourselves-A crooked nose, uneven smile, or eyes that are too large or small. But people with body dysmorphic disorder spend hours looking and thinking about their flaws each day. Most of the times the flaw is minor or even imagined. They become constantly preoccupied and upset to the extent that they might even attempt suicide. More than one million cases are reported every year (in India). This disorder is lethal. He/She might be imagining something about their body that’s not even real and no matter how much people convince them, their ‘ugliness’ is painfully real in their eyes. Our image-obsessed culture highly contributes to this disorder. And although, it sounds very unlikely for high suicide rates for something like a crooked nose but these people are sucked into a world where they and only their ‘ugly‘ exist. This was a poem about a day in the life of a person suffering from BDD. Also, next time you look into the mirror, don’t forget to compliment the person staring back at you for they are gorgeous, talented and beautiful.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Pretty’ Girl – A Poem

  1. That’s a relevant poem with an even more relevant message, and I like that a lot 🙂 I actually have not been aware of body dysmorphic disorder, and had to look it up. BDD is a serious mental illness, no doubt, and I’m glad you’re shedding some light on the topic!

    What you said at the last part is also a good reminder. It really is important to step back, breathe, and remind yourself that you are beautiful in your own beautiful way 🙂

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